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In 2012, our Dollars for Scholars chapter implemented a new software tool, provided by Scholarship America (the national scholarship organization we are affiliated with).  Since utilizing this program, students apply for all of our chapter's scholarships online and it allows us to be more effecient with our awarding process.


There are at least three reasons to love this new software, too:


1. Online scholarship application for our local Dollars for Scholars awards.

The new software allows us to eliminate paper scholarship applications for good - and you can do all your applying online.  To create your personal Student Profile now, click on the link below  Click to Login .  Student Profiles contain the same basic information as on a paper application, and you'll be able to store and update things like your GPA, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation throughout your high school and college career - which means you ONLY need to complete your online Profile once, for potentially multiple scholarship opportunities!     


2. One profile; lots of applications.

By filling out a Student Profile, you'll see any and all of our chapter's awards that you qualify for - you can apply for them with just a couple of clicks.  And that's not all: across the nation, Scholarship America is working with corporate and foundation partners to add new scholarships to the scholarship database.  Any time your profile matches the criteria for a new scholarship, no matter who's giving it out or where it's from, you'll be able to apply without filling out a new form!


3. Much more than just scholarships.

Your Student Profile - and the "dashboard" where you fill it out and update it - provides a single source for a wide array of information you need to know. As a student user of the system, you'll be able to see exclusive volunteers and internship opportunities; you'll have free access to a wealth of financial aid and college success tools and resources; and you'll even be able to export a resume based on your high school achievements and accolades (click here).





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ALL SENIORS, JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMAN.  Please begin to build your profile now!!   Continue to keep it up to date during and after your high school career.  Remember that our new policy states that you no longer need to have a minimum number of hours for Dollars for Scholars and that ALL Dollars for Scholars scholarships will be competitive.


SENIORS..............Applications will ONLY be done online.  Get your PROFILE done NOW!!!!!!

  1. Create an account.
  2. Build your Profile. You will complete information in the following areas:
    • Basic and Additional Information
    • School InformationAcademic Information
    • Activities, Employment and Awards
    • Support Material
  3. Please do not request Transcript information until after Semester 1 of your Senior year UNLESS you are applying for other scholarships with a Fall deadline.


Students:  Click here to see an instructional video for help with your profile.

Parents:  Click here to see an instructional video for parents information.


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All our scholarships and namd scholarships for this school year will be available electronically beginning the opening scholarship day for High School scholarships for 5 weeks only!

You will be able to view nationally awarded scholarships also.